Brenna Bote, Pure Living Yoga

"As a school of yoga, it is our mission to teach every aspect of traditional yoga in the modern world. We believe that by encompassing the full spectrum of a yoga practice that you can truly find the tools to grow and heal your life both physically and mentally." 

- Brit Kish


What is yoga and what makes PLY different?

We know, this yoga thing can get a little confusing. There are so many different styles and many different approaches to this wonderful practice and it can be hard to figure out what is best for us and where to start. The Pure Living Yoga Method is designed to encompass all aspects of yoga to create well rounded practices specific to each individual and their mind-body. In the general sense, yoga means meditation and meditation means to remove all fluctuations of the mind that separate us from our true bliss. This is the goal, but this takes practice, and it starts with the body. Yoga is all about exploration, and it is very personal, so remember to do what works best for you and give yourself some time to figure it out. Here are some steps you can take to get started on your yoga journey! 


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Step 1: Heating

We love to move and we love to sweat it out. It is the first step to getting in touch with our bodies and in turn our minds. Through deep physical strengthening and opening of the body we can begin to access the knowledge of how truly interconnected our bodies are and how each part works together in companionship with the breath. These physical practices force us to get into our bodies and get out of our minds. This removes anxiety and worry by bringing us into the moment through intense focus. Physical movement and heat removes and cleanses the physical body of it’s blockages. This creates new space in the physical body and sheds light on the emotional reactions of the subtle energetic body and the fears that accompany our physical blocks. Simply, this leaves us more connected and in the moment which prepares us for the goal of meditation. These practices access and use our yang/masculine side which is associated with the sun and is why we call these practices heating. These practices heat from the inside out which means they can be done in the heat but do not have to be done in the heat.

Classes: Beginners Vinyasa
              Gentle Vinyasa
               Hot Hatha
               Salute the Sun

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Step 2: Cooling

After heating we like to slow things down and cool things down. Once we have connected to our bodies and the moment with heat we can more easily get in touch with our deeper tissues and the deeper demons of our ego. Cooling classes are still physical, but they are slow and still. In these practices we are left with the space and time to get deep into the body which forces us to find patience and focus to relax our bodies and minds as sensations arise. Physical stimulation creates reactions in the mind and in the stillness you get the opportunity to listen deeper to these reactions through the body, breath, and mind. Cooling practices access and use our yin/feminine nature which is associated with the moon and why we call them cooling practices. Respectively, these practices cool us down from the inside out and can be done with or without extra heat.

Classes: Gentle Yin
                Yin Massage
                Restorative & Breathing
                Yin & Guided Meditation

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Step 3: Meditation

Meditation comes in every form. Through movement, through breath, through simply doing anything that makes you feel good and in touch with your truest and purest self. There is a form of meditation in every style of yoga practice, but there is great value in making meditation a separate practice from our movement practices. Once the body and mind are brought back to a neutral state from heating and cooling, it becomes easier to enter the space of santosha (contentment), true stillness and true bliss. The silence and stillness is where we find our greatest desires, our truest values, and our deepest passions. It’s where we learn to silence the screaming ego and listen to the quiet whisper of our higher self and decipher between those two parts of ourselves. True balance, self connection and universal connection are all found in meditation. Allow for time and practice to take you here.

Classes: Yin & Guided Meditation
              Restorative & Breathing
              Guided Meditation