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The Pure Living Yoga Method 200hr Teacher Training

At our best, we are all teachers.
— Maya Angelou

Hello incredible humans! Are your ready to have a conversation about what comes next in your yoga journey? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right page! Hopefully the content provided can help guide you towards making the best decision for you.

The reality is, if you are imagining yourself at the top of the room, experiencing a mixture of excitement and panic at the thought, welcome to the club! If the practice has impacted your life in ways that seem hard to comprehend and you feel hungry to uncover what is happening internally and externally, then congratulations! We want to meet you and yes you are ready!

Embodying the 8 limbs of yoga is like learning a new language, hence the immersion approach. It takes years of practice…or lifetimes (depending on your beliefs). Your first 200 hours of training is going to expose you to the tip of the iceberg and uncover blind spots of awareness. Think of it like a total mind, body, and soul refresh. An unplugging – if you will.

The Pure Living Yoga Method Teacher Training is designed to pull out your authentic voice. It’s truly what defines us as teachers. When we lean into our enlightenment of who we REALLY are, underneath and before insecurities set in, a version of ourselves (sometimes only experienced in childhood) rises to the surface. In this training, there will be a strict focus on the realignment of the physical body. This is so we can plug into our power source and pull from our deepest inner wisdom. When we become fully empowered, competitiveness and feelings of inadequacy are eliminated. The question of whether or not we are “good enough” to be called teacher is released. Everyone has a story and the world needs to know yours.

Upon leaving this 200 hour Teacher Training, our hope is that you’ll identify with your role in this industry and as a teacher. You are not only going to be equipped with the tools necessary to become a successful yoga teacher, and make this a career path if that is your choosing, but you will leave feeling grounded in who you are, more open with who you are, accepting, balanced, and powerful in who you are. You will be stripped down to your purest forms. This is the Pure Living Yoga Method. We can’t wait to start this journey of a thousand steps with you!

With love,

Brenna Bote

May 20 - Evening Orientation
May 21 - May 25
May 27 - June 1
June 3 - June 7
June 10 - June 14
June 15 & 16 - Graduation, Photoshoots, & Individual Coaching

Sample Day: 
7:00am - 9:00am: Morning Asana Practice
9:00am - 10:00am: Breakfast
10:00am - 1:00pm: Study Modules (ex: anatomy, philosophy, etc.)
1:00pm - 3:00pm: Lunch & Relaxation
3:00pm - 6:00pm: Study Modules
6:00pm - 8:00pm: Evening Asana Practice

Curriculum Breakdown:
The curriculum is what we are MOST excited about. Understanding the depths the practice, the anatomy, & the philosophy, requires students to fully embody the information. Without FEELING the material, it gets challenging to really understand it. So with that approach in mind, this training will be taking all aspects of yoga and putting it into your body. LET'S GET PHYSICAL! The curriculum will be broken up as follows (some changes will take place between now and the beginning of training):

Techniques, Training & Practice: 100 hours

  • adjustments training

  • practice teaching (verbiage & cueing)

  • heat building practices (vinyasa, ashtanga, rocket, & hatha), cooling practices (passive release yin & active release yin), meditation practices (how to guide and where to start with students)

  • pranayamas

  • moon practices

  • asana breakdown

  • modifications

  • inversions

  • sequencing: for beginners, level 1, level 2, full moon, & new moon

Teaching Methodology: 30 hours 

  • teaching on & off the mat

  • theming your classes (anatomical focus, emotional focus, balancing the energy in the room, spiritual focus, how to choose)

  • public speaking, asserting one’s self as a teacher, your inner voice to stand out as a teacher

  • business of yoga: marketing, networking, vision, mission, values

  • how to increase or decrease difficulty in all levels classes

Anatomy & PhYsiology: 30 hours 

  • dissecting the universal language of anatomy

  • misalignments & contraindications

  • physiology of postures & sequences

  • understanding hyper-mobility & hypo-mobility (tight vs strong, weak vs flexible)

  • weight loss & stress

  • ayurveda

  • kriyas

  • anatomy of pranayama

  • using anatomy to guide a sequence

  • nervous system & the brain

Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics: 30 Hours

  • yoga sutras, bhagavad gita, hatha yoga pradipika, tibetan book of living & dying - breakdown of the literature

  • where does yoga come from and how is it relevant in the modern world

  • yamas & niyamas

  • dharma & karma

  • mantras & chakras

  • protecting one's energy & holding space

  • using philosophy to guide a sequence

  • identifying with your inner philosophy - journaling

Practicum: 10 hours

  • practice teaching, assignments, & testing

Graduation & Individual Coaching: 

We will be taking the weekend of June 15th & 16th to change our surroundings to relax and unwind. We will relocate somewhere within a 5 hour driving radius of Regina so we can remove ourselves from our surroundings and deepen our own personal awareness of what comes next. During this time, we will have scheduled focus coaching sessions to help each graduate with their individual needs, questions, etc. A professional photoshoot will also be provided to each individual graduate for their marketing or personal purposes. Yogi's choice! The Graduation Ceremony will be held the evening of June 15th and we will be coming back in Regina in the evening of June 16th. Details to come!

yoga Alliance continued education hours

For anyone who would like to deepen their personal practice or teaching techniques, but do not want to participate in the full 200 hour certification process, below are the modules available for participation. All participants will receive Continued Education Hours through Yoga Alliance for these courses.

  • Adjustments Training: 6 hours

  • Anatomy Training: 30 hours

  • Philosophy, Lifestyle, & Ethics Training: 30 hours

Investment Details Coming Soon