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Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
— Steve Jobs

Miraculous Conception 

If yoga has taught us anything, it’s that life in general is just a miracle. Trying to comprehend how many specific events had to happen from the beginning of space and time, to bring us to the moment we are in, is like trying to comprehend how many stars are in the sky. The chances of us simply being alive and existing at all, in this moment, is so small… and yet here we are.

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So you have two girls, in two separate cities, across a country, both on a mission to live their dreams. Worlds apart, these two humans are starting to realize that to follow their dreams, they are going to need to tear down every belief they’ve constructed about themselves and the world. This is all in hopes of making their own reality, not just living by the one that was subconsciously uploaded into their brains. Life got messy, for both parties individually (as all great stories go), but through the mess and mass confusion, these two ladies found each other. This opened a beautiful door to the space and time that created Pure Living Yoga.

Four years into a biology degree, Brittany quit her career as a university athlete to focus on school. She left behind a lifetime of passion for movement to enter the rat race of getting a degree and getting a job.  What she didn't know, was that her movement practices were the only thing keeping her sane and connected to her pure and happy state. Around that same time, Brittany's dad suddenly passed away while on vacation with her mom. Just like that, a new perspective on the world was unleashed into her reality. She watched the biggest role model of her life pass away, just right as he was finally getting to enjoy everything he had worked for. She already wasn't happy, and she definitely didn't love what she was doing, but the world convinced her that "success" was at school, so she went back... the next day. After some time of pretending that university was what she wanted, the voice telling Brit that she needed happiness won over the voice trying to tell her “do the right thing” (her true self vs. her ego). She had no choice but to create space for her happiness. Especially after seeing that death could take you, whether you were happy or not. Brittany quit school with no plan and all she remembers saying is "for the next two months I am going to do what makes me happy." So she did, and she quickly found movement again. She went to yoga and that’s where she found Brenna.

Brenna found herself back in Saskatchewan in 2015, after 10 years of living in different provinces and countries. Brenna started her journey of professional movement in 2005, by following her passion of dance to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was here that she first experienced the liberating sensations of freedom (in the physical tissues of the body, the depths of her soul, and the layers of her mind). She fell in love with the diversity of humanity and the beauty different cultures offer one another. Living one's dream so early in life, ignited a deep fire and passion that set a precedent for the decisions that followed. Once she made her way back to Canada, her creativity, love of humans, and extroversion propelled her into the business world of leadership & entrepreneurship. Her love of the body steered her towards naturopathy, homeopathy, Chinese/Japanese medicine, and Ayurveda. It was in the city of Edmonton that Brenna was first introduced to yoga in 2009. At this point in her life, she was feeling powerful in her mind and heart, healthy from the exposure to plant based medicines and nutrition, but disconnected from her muscles & tissues. She hadn’t found a movement practice that spoke to her soul, quite like dancing had, in almost 2 years. Her first yoga class was a 90 minute Hot Bikram class that kicked her a$$, her ego, and was the beginning of Pure Living Yoga as we know it today. Learning what “Pure Living” meant to her took 5 years of yoga practice, a divorce, a few rebirths, 500 hours of teacher training, a nervous breakdown (or two...or ten! To be honest I’ve lost count at this point), and then the inevitable relocation back to Saskatchewan. The first conversation about Pure Living Yoga and Dance Plus sharing the same space, took place in the Spring of 2012. After that, the Universe took over and the rest is history!

Through shared values of love, passion for movement, belief that pure happiness is accomplishable, social impact and personal development, Brenna and Brittany fell in love. They fell in love with their dreams and making them happen. They fell in love with the idea that they had a resource to help others do the same. After six months of knowing each other, they got married (in business), and two months after that, miraculously gave birth to Pure Living Yoga as you know it.

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Our Vision

We are an opportunity company. Our vision is to provide opportunity:

  • for individuals to heal their lives

  • for students to truly learn and grow through effective coaching and teaching

  • for movement professionals to make a living wages doing what they love

  • to connect people inspiring change around the community

Our Mission: #supportlocal and #giveback


Every month we take a group of Pure Living Yoga ninjas on an adventure to try out and support other health and fitness facilities around town. Take a look at some of our visits to the places and people we think are making BIG impact in the community.