Yoga Retreat

Hey #yoganinja and welcome to this exciting adventure! If you are wondering what these retreat offerings are all about and who is behind them, this is the page for you. Please stay tuned as more information will continue to be added to this page leading up to the event. We cannot wait to explore a wonderful weekend of yoga with you!


Setting the Intention
w/ Brit Kish & Brenna Bote

When our intentions are clear, the synchronicity of our lives becomes apparent. When our intentions are clear, we see magic in the unfolding of events in our lives. Our dreams start to come true, never in the way we expect, but always in the ways we are open and clear enough to receive. Through movement and meditation, we will cleanse and ignite our destiny as we transition into this transformational weekend. This session will be completed with individual oracle card readings and journalling to seal our journey and set a theme for our weekend. This will set us up to truly embody our intentions throughout the reatreat and keep us open to the signs of spirit along the way.

Guided Meditation
w/ Brit Kish

Join Brit each morning for a short guided meditation to start your day. These guided meditations will offer a series of techniques for your exploration into personal meditation. Each morning you will be given different tools for mediation to help you understand what type of approach suits you most. Enjoy and explore journaling, walks in nature, music, silence, and more to take the next step in your meditation practice.

Salute the Sun
w/ Joanne Lavoie

Start your day honouring your body and mind by moving through the dynamic asana sequence of Surya Namaskar and a series of some of the most beneficial yoga postures that exist. This sunrise movement meditation is all about you, your practice, and how you want to start your day. Establish what it is that you need and move through your day with ease and balance based on what you feel is best. Enjoy both the structure and freedom of this mindful movement sequence.

Āyurveda: The art of Living
w/ Lindsay Cameron

Āyurveda is an art of living. The word Ayurveda has many names; life science, art of longevity, wisdom of living, art of life and so forth. The practice of Āyurveda is a way of living that is in total unity and harmony with the seasons, elements and all beings on this planet. Āyurveda like yoga is rooted in India with branches across the globe. When these 2 healing arts are united a beautiful marriage takes place that offers incredible gifts to this world. Both Āyurveda and yoga promote balance to the mind, body and spirit by varying methods depending on the individual. Healing methods include education of diet & life style, specific yoga asana & pranayama depending on the individual, herbs, body therapy, color therapy, astrologyical awareness, meditation and so forth. These healing arts are wholesome to the core.

Natures Connection
w/ Shea Usick

You don't come into this world, you come from it.
This class is simple really. We will find a spot isolated in nature. You will be guided to focus on your breath while moving and exploring your body with gentle reminders to keep you present and focused in the moment. No music, no distraction, only the sounds nature provides and the sound of people breathing and moving together. There will be a yin style cool down which is guided, followed by breath work that connects one another to each other and mother nature.

Mindset (Speaing Series)
w/ Brenna Bote

In this workshop we will be covering the most common shadows/emotional poisons and how they present in our lives. We will explore the chakras and how to open areas that are blocked. We will look at our shadows and in association with our main shadow(s), we will discover what the “stories” at that we have subscribed to as “our truth”.  From there we will dive into development of our personal philosophies and touch on our emotional intelligence and what our key emotions mean. The goal is to get ourselves closer to feeling unconditional love in everything. Gratitude, compassion, patience, and peace exist as one’s second nature. Their internal condition is that of peace & joy - a human’s natural state of being.

Hello Heart
w/ Brittany Kish

Your mind and body are inherently connected. They are constantly working together and feeding off of each other to create our experiences in each moment. Our current society has made it really simple for us to be unbalanced in these parts of ourselves often leaving us in fight or flight rather than ease and flow. It’s like we are constantly working against ourself rather than with ourself. This physical yoga class will be a blend of active and passive opening of the heart and spine to better connect our hearts desire with our focused mindset. Deep down we always know what we want and need, but if our brain stops us from believing it we end up on the treadmill of our lives. This class is going to help open us up to our hearts desires and putting them into action through our mindset.

Cosmic Celebration
W/ Brit Kish & Brenna Bote

It’s time to have fun under the cosmos. Join us for the ultimate celebration of yourself, each other, nature, our world, and beyond. We will be exploring unique and dynamic movement inspired by nature to find freedom under the night sky and in your body. This celebration will be accompanied by music that will make you want to move and groove in your own unique way for a class that is a beautiful mix of tradition and breaking “rules”. We encourage you to let your soul shine through in the form of unique clothing, movements, make-up, or whatever else makes you feel like the powerful cosmic being you are. Life and you are worth this celebration!

Lunar Flare Gong Bath
w/ Jodi Kreutzer

After we open and express our truest form in the cosmic celebration, we may notice emotions arise. That of excitement or perhaps fear to really be ourselves. We must listen to these arising feelings and start to filter through them through meditation. The Lunar Flare Gong Bath will set the tone for a deep and calming meditation that will help reset the nervous system and help us transition into sleep. Meditation can be practiced in so many different ways and we cannot wait for you to experience the power of sound and vibration.

Kundalini Yoga
w/ Jodi KREUtZER

Experience the powerful yogic technology and practice of Kundalini Yoga. Through a combination of Asana (posture) with Pranayama (breath) and Mantra (sacred sound & vibration) we will invigorate the awareness of Self and unify our mind, body & spirit. Kundalini Yoga is the perfect blend of spiritual and physical practices with the goal to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. Through intentional, strategic, and retentive practice we will awaken our kundalini energy to clean and renew our entire system.

STand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga
w/ Chantel Otitoju

Start your day off beautifully with this floating flow on the shores of Little Kenosee. We will explore and incorporate breath, 
movement, and the natural elements of being outdoors into this unique practice. Let us relax, play and even challenge
ourselves as we drift on the water and between mind/body/spirit all while connecting with nature. This practice is suitable for all levels, plan to have some FUN, maybe get a little bit wet, and leave feeling rejuvenated and whole.

w/ Joanne Lavoie

This class is designed to balance the body and mind through both yin and yang style practices. In this class we will move through a full spectrum yoga practice and truly encompass sweat, chill, and be. Explore strength (yang), flexibility (yin), and deep meditation all in one class! This will be the perfect reset to move into the rest of our weekend feeling balanced and fresh.

Sex Magic (Speaking Series)
w/ Robin Hilton

Join Robin for this unexpected and super juicy perspective on your yoga practice. In this workshop Robin will teach you how your time on the mat can be used as a tool to improve your experience of pleasure in the bedroom. Robin’s work as a Holistic Life + Sexuality Coach with a focus on Tantric and Taoist sexual practice informs this lighthearted exploration the 5 Elements of Holistic Sex. Robin will share how you can use your asana practice to explore each of the five elements giving you the confidence and awareness you need to deepen and expand your relationship with pleasure.

w/ Christina laurier

Enjoy a Yin style shoulder & chest centered sequence to open our heart chakra. As we move through this practice we will touch on various anti-dotes to anger & discuss how our yin practice can help to cultivate love an openness and combat our anger. Ending with a gentle meditation on letting go of our anger through forgiveness.

Buliding Balance
w/ Shea Usick

Join Shea Usick for a workshop style class that will focus on balance both right side up and upside down. Our main focus will be on lower arm balances and single leg squatting patterns. Balance comes in so many forms and one of the best ways to find it in our lives is to start with our bodies. This workshop style class will be for every level of yogi with lots of space to work with your body exactly where it is today. Enjoy a fun and casual class all about exploring what our amazing bodies and minds can do!

Desire Map
w/ Robin Hilton

“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life” ~ Danielle Laporte.

Robin will be taking you on a guided journey of your feelings as she explores the foundation of Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map with you. She’ll lead you through some powerful exercises and visualizations designed to lead you toward clarity around how you most want to feel in your life. This will be a game changing workshop that will leave you feeling ready to set some powerful feelings based goals that will lead you straight to your Soul.

YIn Reiki Massage & Guided Meditation
w/ Brenna Bote, Brit Kish, & Assistants

Your favourite class just got better. We always get the question "can we just have a sleepover?" after yin massage and this time the answer is YES! Brit, Bren, and our lovely reiki assistants will take you on a journey to the best sleep of your life. Through a series of relaxing and opening stretches, hands on massages and energetic reiki we will get your body prepared for your deepest rest. This practice will end with a yogic sleep meditation that will get you more relaxed than you have ever been. After practice we invite you to make your way to bed or stay exactly where you are and enter sleep in the space. This is our type of slumber party.

The POwer of Pranayama
w/ Lindsay Warne

Stop. Pause. And breath. This class will take you deeper into your breath than you ever have been before. Using the powerful practices of pranayama to awaken and invigorate your body and mind. We will use the breath to break through physical blockages, cleanse the body and oxygenate you so well that you will feel like you are floating! To ground us after this powerful practice we will take a long supported restorative savasana to relax you and re-energize you.

Mandala Flow
w/ Christina Laurier

This flow class will invigorate the body and mind to enter a state of pure bliss. Beginning with a gentle opening , we will slowly build the flow posture by posture to create the muscle memory within the body. The final sequence will see us yogi's entering a blissfully charged moving meditation, finding a circular rotation around our mat in this Mandala Flow.

Acro Yoga
w/ Shea Usick

In this workshop you will be learning and exploring the basics of acro yoga. Acro Yoga is a form of yoga done with a partner or group where you get to connect and work together on creating different balancing poses. The traditional yoga most of us know and practice is done in our own space, we tend to work individual to strengthen our inner connections and in turn our otter connections, but the beautiful thing about acro yoga is that it brings us together. There is truly no end to what is possible in acro yoga when it comes to postures and transitions. Get ready to learn the basics, but definitely get ready to learn something new!

Closing Ceremonies

As we know, all good things come to an end. We believe that endings are exciting and that transitioning back into our lives with a new a fresh perspective is liberating. This closing ceremony will be all about sharing our experience together one final time. Get ready to be showered with love.