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Sweat. Chill. Be.
Pure Living Yoga Retreat

The FIRST EVER Pure Living Yoga Retreat is finally here! Get ready for an epic immersion style retreat under the energy of the full moon. We have manifested a weekend that will take you through each and every aspect of yoga and community in the most organic and expansive way possible. The Pure Living Yoga method is all about exploring the full spectrum of practice to help us find pure balance in our lives. This amazing weekend will create space for you to relinquish your limits and explore the depths of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Plan your weekend of movement, meditation, relaxation, and fun in anyway you want to get exactly what you’ve been waiting for.
This is your weekend!
This is Pure Living!


Mindful Meal
w/ Brittany Reid

Eating Intuitilvey is a lifestyle I have created after ditching the labels and listening to my bodies innate knowing. We consume food multiple times a day all while being distracted or eating under time pressure with our schedules in todays world. Within this workshop we will dive into simple practices you can use to reframe your relationship with food, digest more easily, decrease health imbalances, and learn how to see and work with food as a ceremony. Eating pulls you back to presence and allows you to develop a deeper understanding of yourself. This workshop is interactive and darn tasty! Allow yourself to explore the depths of your heart and gift your taste buds a wildly amazing experience. 

Setting the Intention
w/ Brit Kish & Brenna Bote

When our intentions are clear, the synchronicity of our lives becomes apparent. When our intentions are clear, we see magic in the unfolding of events in our lives. Our dreams start to come true, never in the way we expect, but always in the ways we are open and clear enough to receive. Through movement and meditation, we will cleanse and ignite our destiny as we transition into this transformational weekend. This session will be completed with individual oracle card readings and journalling to seal our journey and set a theme for our weekend. This will set us up to truly embody our intentions throughout the reatreat and keep us open to the signs of spirit along the way.

Full Moon & Eclipse Celebration
w/ Brit Kish, Jodi Kreutzer, & Brenna Bote

Get ready for the greatest full moon celebration of the year! We are welcoming and embracing the energy of this full moon along with the energy of a powerful eclipse. This adventure is all about connecting with our inner moon children through meditation, movement, & sound. Join Brit, Jodi, & Brenna on your mat under the stars to take the journey through a full moon meditation and gong bath, an upbeat movement meditation, followed by a full moon dance party and social! This full moon and eclipse will leave you feeling light and open to shine and connect to the purest version of you. 

Salute the Sun Morning Hike & Meditation
w/ Brenna Bote

Start your day honouring your body, mind, and soul under the morning summer sun by moving through the dynamic asana sequence of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). Wake up with nature as we enjoy a silent hike and movement meditation that you can personalize to exactly what you need to start your day off right!

Kundalini Yoga
w/ Jodi KREUtZER

Experience the powerful yogic technology and practice of Kundalini Yoga. Through a combination of Asana (posture) with Pranayama (breath) and Mantra (sacred sound & vibration) we will invigorate the awareness of Self and unify our mind, body & spirit. Kundalini Yoga is the perfect blend of spiritual and physical practices with the goal to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. Through intentional, strategic, and retentive practice we will awaken our kundalini energy to clean and renew our entire system.

STand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga ($40)
w/ Carla Wilkinson

Start your day off beautifully with this floating flow on the shores of Regina Beach. We will explore and incorporate breath, 
movement, and the natural elements of being outdoors into this unique practice. Let us relax, play and even challenge
ourselves as we drift on the water and between mind/body/spirit all while connecting with nature. This practice is suitable for all levels, plan to have some FUN, maybe get a little bit wet, and leave feeling rejuvenated and whole.

Fear to Flow: A personal Development Workshop
w/ INNER EVOLution Journey (Laurel Brown)

Fear. It held her back. It controlled her life. It was something she never thought she could overcome. But she did. And now she is here to teach you what she has learned to accept, let go, and free herself from living in FEAR. Laurel Brown, creator of Inner Evolution will be putting on a personal development workshop focusing on the topic of fear, specifically how to live your life from a place of LOVE instead of a place of FEAR. The workshop will focus on self-growth and will include journaling, meditation, and take home tools to let go of fear. Get ready to step into sacred and safe place of self-discovery as you unravel your fears and step into a life of love.

DEEp Yin & Breathing
w/ Lindsay Warne

Stop. Pause. And breath. When we move through great expansion in our lives, we need to pause and let things settle to create room for even more growth. This class has been specifically designed to bring you back down to earth and help you transition into the rest of your weekend with intention. Recharge your afternoon by taking a moment to retreat deep into your body and deep into your breath so you can continue to open in your weekend with ease and awareness.

NAtural Magik: Awaken the witch within
w/ Andrea Kehler

In this class we will directly connect and experience working with the 4 elements. We will listen to what each element has to teach us as we discover how to work with them in our every day life. We will also explore the cycles of the moon in order to understand how we can fully connect to it's power. All of this will be woven together with rituals and healing spells in order for us to fully experience the magic of nature.

Self Love heart Opening Flow
w/ Kevin Naidoo

In this class we break things down to make it approachable to all body types. You will be given variations that will meet you where you’re at, moving slowly and mindfully through the practice. Connecting us to our Heart space as we support each others greatness one breath at a time, concsiously walking each other Home to our Authentic self.

Inversion Flow
w/ Shea Usick

This weekend is all about freedom and it's time to move! Come move through a freedom centred vinyasa flow to awaken the body and the mind. Get ready to explore every aspect of opening and strengthening the body and mind all while building endurance and awareness. This class is for those who like their movement a little fast, furious, and upside down! Get ready to break a sweat all while flowing and learning different inversion variations and transitions with Shea!

YIn Reiki Massage & Yoga Nidra Meditation
w/ Brenna Bote, Brit Kish, & Assistants

Your favourite class just got better. We always get the question "can we just have a sleepover?" after yin massage and this time the answer is YES! Brit, Bren, and our lovely reiki assistants will take you on a journey to the best sleep of your life. Through a series of relaxing and opening stretches, hands on massages and energetic reiki we will get your body prepared for your deepest rest. This practice will end with a yogic sleep meditation that will get you more relaxed than you have ever been. After practice we invite you to make your way to bed or stay exactly where you are and enter sleep in the space. This is our type of slumber party.

Morning Music & Movement Meditation
w/ brit Kish

Come move with us as the sun comes up to the gentle sounds of nature. In this morning movement and music meditation, we will be exploring unique and invigorating movement to wake you up with ease.  This class will flow with the vibrations of sound, Mother Earth, and of course YOU. Wake up with some pep in your step and some freedom in your heart as we move and groove our way into the day. To enhance the inner connection and vibration connection to mother earth, we will spend a portion of this class blindfolded to allow us to truly enter into our movement mediation. We will then take our blindfolds off to connect together through song and dance.

CAcao Ceremony ($35)
w/ Brittany Reid

Cacao is the heart. We journey together by intimately sipping a ceremonial cacao drink that allows our body to connect with our spirit and spirit and body to connect with our mind. Creating unity within our entire BEING. Imagine yourself as a flower opening petal by petal; that is what cacao does. She encourages you to journey deep into your core to unleash the potential within through the heart. After drinking this sacred drink we will drop into a meditation which will further allow you to deepen your connection to self and move through any blockages that are holding you back from your divine expression. 

Acro Yoga
w/ Jesse Godin

In this workshop you will be learning and exploring the basics of acro yoga. Acro Yoga is a form of yoga done with a partner or group where you get to connect and work together on creating different balancing poses. The traditional yoga most of us know and practice is done in our own space, we tend to work individual to strengthen our inner connections and in turn our otter connections, but the beautiful thing about acro yoga is that it brings us together. There is truly no end to what is possible in acro yoga when it comes to postures and transitions. Get ready to learn the basics, but definitely get ready to learn something new!

Desire Map
w/ Robin Hilton

This Desire Map inspired class incorporates meditation and yin and yang yoga to bring openness and energy to the body. This class uniquely includes a guided inquiry designed to help students tune into the language of their bodies and minds as they move through the poses. This is a feel-good flow that will leave students with a sense of mind-body balance. Suitable for students of all levels.