Cyndi, Hannah, and Haylie

Haylie, Hannah, Cyndi.jpg

Meet Haylie, Cyndi, and Hannah (left to right), the grandmother/granddaughter trio who have been showing us what family bonding is all about! These lovely ladies have not only been an inspiration by showing us the strength of their practices, but by truly showing us the importance of family. 

These gals started their practices with us this September when we opened up our new doors. Haylie, Cyndi's oldest granddaughter, convinced Cyndi to try yoga on a dare and well, the rest is history. Next thing you know, Hannah joined the crew! They practice 4+ times a week as a team and come on their own if the others can't make it. 

Together or apart, they bring a feeling of home with them every where they go and every time they enter the studio. Always full of laughs and love, their presence truly lights up the space and hearts of their fellow rebel yogis! Thank you for blessing us with your family of beautiful souls!