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Team Yoga Packages

Are you a sports team or club looking for something new to add to your regular practice routine? We have you covered! We have had the honour of working with sports teams or clubs from all around the province from hockey players and basketball players, to dancers and cheerleaders, to weightlifters and wrestlers. Yoga is a great tool for athletes of any age and an discipline. Here is a better look into some questions you may have!

How will yoga increase my performance in my current sport?

Yoga is a great tool for anyone to learn to access their body and mind in specific way to enhance sports performance on both a mental and physical level. Our experts will be able to build programs that target specific area for different types of athletes. Our teams have noticed that yoga has:

  • increased their mobility and strength

  • heightened individual/team focus and productivity while training and playing

  • deeped team relationships, connection and communication

  • strengthened self-esteem and personal drive to accomplish goals

When and where do we practice?

The teams we have worked with love to take advantage of our fully equipped hot yoga studio right at Pure Living Yoga! This allows the team to really get out of their regular environments and into something completely new and different for their bodies and minds. We do have the option to send teachers to you and your location upon request. Travel will simply be added to the hourly cost.

What is the cost of the program and what does it include?

Our prices are based on an hourly rates. We charge between $100/hr - $300/hr depending on the size of your team! With large teams, a second teacher is included in the cost! Our pricing also includes yoga mats for anyone who doesn’t have them. Please reach out with any questions or to get more details, we would love to train with you!