Brenna Bote

"Brenna's savasana will make you sweat!" or "I feel like I've given myself a deep tissue massage!" or "I felt like my muscles ACTUALLY melted away from my bones. Never have I ever been so relaxed in a meditation practice!" are just a few glimpses down the rabbit hole of experiences that you will take away from Brenna's classes. Brenna's gifts lie in her ability to feel what her students are thinking. Since every day has different ebbs and flows, the practices are geared towards balancing out the mind through the physical practice. Essentially, whatever the students are feeling when they walk through the doors, they receive in their physical practice. The students really do guide Brenna's classes. Brenna views herself as merely a translator of thoughts and emotions into physical movements.

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"I am of the firm belief that the most effective and fastest way to alter one's state of mind, is to move the body. The more nooks, crannies, and blind spots you access through deep mobility training, the more effective the release. This leaves students feeling deeply grounded and spacious in the body, and balanced, peaceful, and quiet in the mind. In the studio, we practice "life" on the mat (balance, strength, openness, acceptance, forgiveness, presence, non-violence, etc.) Since life doesn't get a practice round, the real practice is learning to tap into this space outside of a yoga class, and sharing it with the rest of the world around you."

Brenna’s favourite practice by far is the Ashtanga primary series. She loves that this practice has all 3 components of a physical practice (heat building, cooling, and meditation) all wrapped up into one genius sequence that opens us up gently and safely. Each posture prepares the body for the next posture. The build up and release feels amazing. I've never learned more about my body and mind in any other practice. I've also never witnessed stronger or more flexible yogis come out of any other practice.

Brenna is weird… and her oddest trait is that she likes to talk about poop… A LOT. in class, out of class, with strangers if they'll let her… She believes that a lot can be said about a person's health based on their poo!!! Plus she has experienced many embarrassing poop moments. Her personal favourite: pooping in her sisters pants… in her car... When ya gotta go, you gotta go!!!

When you remove the disfunction out of your life, growth is inevitable.
— Tim Goad