Gabrielle Weir

For Gabrielle, yoga is about learning to listen to the body and connect with the inner self. She believe yoga is a balance between pushing deeper while learning to let go which lead her to guide people to explore their edges while also opening themselves up to releasing, softening and letting go of tension. Gabrielle’s teaching style is playful, gentle, honest, and inclusive. In Gabrielle’s yoga classes, you can expect to experience yourself in a new way, whether that is a more powerful, a more accepting, a kinder or a stronger version of yourself. You can expect to be taken care off, pushed to explore your limits and play with your edges edges, while learning to accept your limits. Enjoy breathwork at the beginning and end of every class for deeper relaxation and awareness. Gabrielle’s favorite yoga posture is downward dog. She likes how she feels the stretch in her legs, the strength in her shoulders, the length in her spine, the release in her neck and the power in her core!  She think’s it’s such a great example of all the elements of the body working together. She is a self proclaimed nerd due to her love of Sci fi, Star Wars references, and the fact she actually did all her homework in high school.

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All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.
— Gandalf